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The Future is in your hands

The Future is in your hands
With UINVEST financial is not a problem anymore

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Selasa, 5 Februari 2013

Uinvest Highlights

—>>Uinvest Highlights<<—
Longevity: Online since 2007
Offices: Located in Ukraine and USA and accepts Investors and Projects worldwide
Helpdesk: 24-7 chat support/ phone support/Ticket System
100% Passive Income: No advertising / No Recruiting / No 3 way phone calls. Just buy the share of any projects taking into account your budget and ROI and get ongoing monthly returns till the end of business term/till you sell the share
Deposit /Withdraw options: Liberty reserve directly via Uinvest, Wire transfer/ SolidTrustPay(STP)/PerfectMoney(PM)/Paypal/Alertpay(Payza)/Moneybookers via Uinvest Financial Partners/for Malaysia you can withdraw using Maybank and CIMB.
Security: SMS verification (Optional), PIN verification (for all transactions), Option to put the account in Vacation mode! IP address tracking etc
Projects: Most of the projects Uinvest is funding are introduced by Uinvest members (GUN agents), so it’s a REAL Business
Minimal Risk: No locking period for your deposits- One can cancel the shares anytime and withdraw funds
Registration: Uinvest is registered in the USA. You can also check the registration documents at corporate kit and you can use the search column and type Uinvest.

Share Certificates: You can opt in to receive Business Project share certificates mailed to your physical address.

Besides this Uinvest has an excellent Management team who communicates with members on a weekly Management chat,Weekly newsletter, constant innovation with the System and Services(FP’s/ Uinvest Cloud/Uinvest mobile application/Loan option to members etc) 50,000+ members and growing.

—>>HOW TO START: 3 Simple Steps<<—

Create your account on our site
-While Registering leave the Activate Gold Balance as “No” (This can be activated later on if required. Account balance is subject to International Gold pricing if you activate it)
-Use Contact section of the blog/Comment below/ P.M me from back office/ email for any clarification


Choose a business to invest

Start making money!

-–>>UInvest: Detailes Review<<—
UInvest is an international online crowdfunding platform that connects private investors with businesses. A team of UInvest professionals provides investors with decision-making tools and moderates projects by doing due diligence and monitoring their financials and distribution of funds.
The basic idea behind UInvest is that you purchase shares of legitimate businesses through UInvest. They give you the chance to pick which companies you want to invest in, and then you get a dividend for each share that you own. They show you how much a share in each company costs on the front end, and they show you how much of a dividend you can get when you have a share.For instance, you might pay $1,000 to purchase a share of a factory in the Ukraine. Then you receive a regular dividend of $200 every month. If you decide to sell your shares, you will get your investment capital back(INCA marketing tool provides liquidity and you can sell the share anytime without waiting for another buyer to purchase it).
UInvest provides an opportunity for the average investor to diversify his portfolio, put money directly into the European market and earn 10%-20% return on investment every month. UInvest takes a novel approach to the process of investing, and they give investors a chance to put money into legitimate businesses. How exactly does UInvest work, and why would anyone trust them with their money?

Businesses to invest
The businesses below are for sale. Businesses are working and earning money but to keep running well some funds are required. You can buy the entire businesses or by shares – you will start earning money right away
UInvest is a legal registered company with an excellent reputation. You can visit one of the offices and see registration documents. UInvest was founded in 2007 and now has over 40 employees and offices in Ukraine and the United States. Over that time $100 million assets have been proceeded among more than 38,000 investors. You can find the addresses of our offices from our presentation at
At the you can check registration data – and confirmation that Uinvest is registered in the USA. You can also check our registration documents at corporate kit – for both – Ukraine and the USA registration, all information needed for our operations in Ukrane, which can be published via Internet, is presented there.
Investing With UInvest
The process of actually investing with UInvest is pretty simple. You complete the process of opening a free account, and then you fund it. Once you have money in your account, you choose which companies you want to invest in. After picking companies to invest in, you allocate funds to that company and buy shares. As a shareholder, you get to participate in the management of the company by voting on important matters. If you decide that you don’t want to own those shares anymore, you can sell them to others and take your capital back.
 For demo purpose I’ve taken one of the random projects available in the back office. You can see that there are handful of investors who has created a Buy Order (LHS) and a Sell Order (RHS). If you sell at the cost price, you get your funds in your account immediately as it’s bought by INCA(Market Maker that provides liquidity).  More often than not you should be able to sell the share at a higher price as the demand goes up once all the Company shares are sold out.

If you are looking for a good way to be able to bring in returns while diversifying outside of your normal investment options, UInvest is definitely an option to consider. They seem to be legitimate and have a lot of happy investors on their side. If you like the investment options they have to offer, you can get started right away. Just fill out the form to open a free account, and then use one of their deposit methods to get funded.
Below is the snapshot of my recent(as on the date of writing this blog) withdraw history:
Register for free here ==>> UINVEST<<==

While Registering leave the Activate Gold Balance as “No” (This can be activated later on if required. Account balance is subject to International Gold pricing if you activate it)
Comment below/ P.M me from back office/ email for any clarification

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