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The Future is in your hands

The Future is in your hands
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Selasa, 8 Januari 2013

Newbies Investor Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

This post answers some frequently asked questions by newbies.

1. What is the purpose of this site?
This site is a guide for investment opportunities, with an emphasis on sustainable businesses that generate profitable returns.

2. How does this site work?
UINVEST is an intelligible, convenient and highly regarded means of identifying investment opportunities throughout Europe. The process is easy to follow, as described below.

a) Register to open an online investing account with 
b) Select an investment opportunity from our list of businesses. 
c) Define the size of your investment.
d) Place your investment. 
e) Participate in the management of your business.
f) Your earnings go into your online investing account. 
g) Withdraw money from your investment into your bank account.

3. Do you have some examples of this process?
Absolutely. You can ask your introducer.

4. How much can I earn?
There is no limit to your earnings. The investment opportunities on UINVEST represent active businesses. By purchasing shares in a business, you become an important participant in the management and income distribution of your investment.  Everything depends, of course, on choosing the right business and properly managing that investment.

5. What can I lose?
Any investment contains an element of risk. seeks to minimize risk by offering business opportunities that are viable and quickly profitable. By becoming a manager in your own business, courtesy of, your decisions influence the potential success and sustained profitability of your investment. Simply stated: you control the scope and direction of your investment. Period. You can also sell your business, or withdraw profits directly into your bank account. As always, the professionals at UINVEST are available to answer any questions you may have about a featured business.

6. Is there a minimum investment? Is there a maximum one?
Each business featured on has its own minimum and maximum investment requirements. We offer a diverse array of business opportunities, from entrepreneurial ventures to large-scale enterprises.

7. Are these businesses legitimate investment opportunities?
uinvest only works with viable businesses that have a clear plan for generating profits. We screen each business based on our own extensive criteria. After registering with uinvest, you can access all information – including any relevant analysis – about a featured business.

8. What is the entrance fee? Are there membership fees?
Registration is absolutely free. After registering with uinvest, you can select an investment that meets your specific interests. Our minimal fee – 10% of any income you receive from your investment – only activates when your business starts generating profits. This business model is a further incentive for the professionals at uinvest to select only the most attractive investment opportunities.

9. Does UINVEST have a partnership program to promote the opportunity you offer?
Yes, you need to create uinvest account and then register as an affiliate, too (at the bottom of the page). You will get your affiliate link and please do refer to your introducer as your mentor.

For other inquiry please dont hesitate to contact me at my email


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