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The Future is in your hands

The Future is in your hands
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Selasa, 8 Januari 2013

Lesson 2: How to set up a UINVEST account

In this post i will show you how to register an account (this is absolutely for free) you don't have to add fund yet (same like a free account) for you to familiar with the menu on the website.

First Step:

Create account


Create account

Creating an account with Uinvest is free. Complete our simple online form, and get full access to our website.

After you create your free account you will see this menu on the ASSETS MANAGEMENT button on your left side: (How to deposit fund i will show you on the next tutorial) this part is only for you to understand what is all the menu in the website is all about.

Second Step:

Choose a business to invest

Choose a business to invest

We have extensive information about a variety of businesses, ranging from factories to manufacturing facilities to utilities to commercial properties. Each company has shares, enabling investors to be part of a potentially successful business.


This is example of share that you can buy depends on how much your deposit.  Please remember the profit is determine from how much you invest on each share.

Start making money!

Start making money!

Each share is a way to make money, provided the company itself is profitable. Transparency governs this process, giving investors a monthly summary of earnings and other relevant information. If the business is successful, there is no time limit on the earning investors enjoy.

All the companies featured on Uinvest undergo rigorous scrutiny by our own team of business professionals. We guarantee the accuracy of every business we profile, which is why we are respected leaders in our industry. Our service fee - 10% of your income (deducted from your investment account after you start getting your earnings) – is competitive and fair. Start investing right now!

Ok this is the step that will involve in uinvest before you can get profit on the next month of investment. Example if you invest on 7th January 2013, you will get your first payment on 7th February 2013 and it continues until the end of your share contract.  The share contract is depends some offer return of investment from 2-5 years but the point you will be paid monthly without fail.  

There is no minimum requirement to withdraw your profit.  That makes uinvest is unique and the best ever!


1. Make sure you save all your PIN, Trans PIN, all the details (printed or copy in other form to avoid loss of your account details.

2. The Transaction PIN will be reset automatically by system every month so you must save it when system sent you new  transaction PIN. This is because the PIN is very extremely important to do transaction such as buying shares, update account details and withdraw money.

3. REMEMBER! all the account details are restricted, don't ever give to a person that you dont know!

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